Create And Record Financial Plans, And Increase The Transparency Of Your Budget Planning

Eliminate usage of legacy solutions like spreadsheets for budgeting and manage your business process strategically using our smart and feature rich Budgeting system to meet all your financial goals. Create and record financial plans for a defined period and drive quality results in your budget planning.

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More About Budget Management Solution From Seldesk Books

The Budget Management Solution from Seldesk Books support every organization to utilize their financial data and enhance the process of decision making process during budgeting. It helps identify all available capital, evaluates the expenses and provides forecast about the incomes. Businesses use this feature to gain in-depth analytics on their business performance that further helps in appropriately managing all budgets, forecasts and improving the overall business performance.


Advantages That Will Benefit Your Business:

  • Simple and streamlined Budgeting procedures.
  • Eliminate tedious and time-consuming admin tasks.
  • Generate and download financial reports for definite data analysis.
  • Activate important alerts and budget flow related notifications.
  • Create realistic budget with real-time data update.
  • Early identification of budgetary challenges and problems.
  • Ensure budget plans are well executed.
  • Transparency on the flow of your funds to ensure projects are within budget.

Key Features of Seldesk Budget Management Software

  • Ease Of use: Easy to use application that no longer require extensive training programs, so budget allocations can be done comfortably.
  • User Access: Assign multi-task and workflow related to budgeting to different users with defined level of accessibility and avoid any unauthorized entries. Our workflow feature allows identification of works performed and monitor each of its progress.
  • Comprehensive Financial Statements: Extract detailed and wide-ranging financial reports for analysis of revenue, costs, expenses, cash flow and working capital.
  • Diversified With Business Intelligence: Drill down multidimensional data structures that makes complex analysis easy and enables in gaining actionable insights.
  • Customize Reports: Create customized reports that will help easily understand the progress on planning and budgeting.
  • Planning And Forecasting: Plan and build your budgets beyond the usual limit of 1-year, allowing you to understand if the budget would meet the sustainability limit or not.
  • Advance Reporting: Produce enhanced, concise, accurate and easy reports to help understand if business is moving within your set budget plans.
  • Reliable Forecasting: Automation prevents manual entry which is prone to error and miscalculations. It promotes reliable, precise and better results of budgeting and forecasting.
  • Empowers Productivity: Boosts your employee’s productivity by converting their wasted time on doing manual data entry into a more proactive tasks such as data analysis. Focus more on finding opportunities and areas for improvement.
  • Time And Cost Efficient: Saves time and effort in creating budgets manually. Easily determines the amount of funds you can allocate on different areas of your operations to avoid depleting your finances.
  • Competitive Advantage: Gain actionable insights while you are managing your finances according to where they are needed the most. Obtain data based on your budgeting history and utilize it to become more competitive.
  • Company Growth: Being on track of your expenses and sticking onto your budget lets you save significant amount of capital which can be used into new opportunities and endeavours that might expand your business or boost your income.