Build Custom Dashboard And Extract In-depth Analytics Of Your Data In A Single Click!

Single screen display of KPIs and business analytics metrics. Benefit from additional time to focus on your growing business needs with detailed numbers at fingertips, rather than spending time micro-managing on the daily operations.

More About The Business Intelligence Dashboard From Seldesk Books

The Business Intelligence Dashboard from Seldesk Books provides a clear visibility on your key accounting statistics and data which is essential in successfully running your business. It is a real-time intelligence dashboard that brings together all your accounting and financial data under one platform. Easily access and view statistics of your products, expenses, vendor accounts, revenue by each product or business function in real-time through our Business Intelligence and Performance dashboard.

Key Features

  • Customised single dashboard per user which includes reports, charts, tables, and alerts to allows users at organizational level to have set KPIs specific to their functions.
  • Display information such as financial reports, KPIs, organization-wide inventory data, sales report and margins per product line, and other data such as commodity prices or advanced economic indicators.
  • Customer service or sales representative can display information such as customer quotes, pending orders, sales history, and the position of unpaid accounts per customers.
  • Consolidated view of data relevant to the role of specified users within an organization.
  • Monitor business performance by charts and graphs through a varied collection of business metrics such as gross profit, net profit, net sales, or debt-equity.
  • Guides you and your consultant in identifying the metrics of your business to help in setting up targets and monitor performance goals.
  • Inclusive of metric graph that can be added to your primary dashboard so your favourites and preferences are always in front of you.


  • Keeps all your business heads and accountants informed of what's going on in the business at any given time.
  • Reviewing inventories is made easy for business managers. Detailed data such as inventory turnout per year, available daily inventories, order and items, service level performance and financial data specific to their business unit are visible in the performance dashboard.
  • Updated information over the business processes is always at your fingertips which ensures that nothing goes beyond your day-to-day tasks.
  • Get a comprehensive and thorough analysis of all your data.
  • Gain valuable insight that gives confidence in making informed and strategic decisions.
  • Become an expert on analysing business performance with ready access to the intelligent dashboard report.
  • Real-time Dashboards: Dashboards can be used to view the information in a variety of visual formats (tables, pie charts, bar charts, etc.) from multiple sources. Dashboard content is dynamically generated for real-time results.
  • Customizable: Choose from many different types of graphics on your dashboard, providing you the total flexibility to display the information you require, so you get the best results. Configure your dashboard in any order and set different sizes for each chart in your collection.
  • Role-based Access: Display only the information necessary for each user. Sensitive information can be provided only for those with appropriate user access rights.