Handle Cash-in & Cash-out At Ease And Uplift Supplier And Client Relations

Hassle-free management of your accounts payable and receivables and identification of the loop holes. Real-time visibility on cash-out information to suppliers and cash-in from customers. Helps you maintain a healthy and steady cashflow for your business function

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More About Accounts Payable And Receivables From Seldesk Books

Our cloud-based solution provides comfort to companies during the processing of accounts payable and receivable. Now you can handle all your cash-in and cash-out operations at ease and uplift the vendor, supplier and customer relationship. Speed up the processing of invoices and bills, and eliminate all forms of human errors.


Advantages With Using Accounts Payable And Receivable From Seldesk Books:

  • Reduce ad hoc expenses and save huge percentage while processing your accounts payable and receivables.
  • Save on the storage cost as our solution is hosted on cloud and so will all your documents be.
  • Avoid managing multiple hard books and files and ensure a hassle-free work environment.
  • Ease in settlement of payables on the right time to avoid any penalty or late fees.
  • Eliminate all human errors during manual processing through automation.
  • No more stress on overpayment or duplication of payments.
  • Utilize the records of incoming and outgoing cashflow and have a precise data on all your financial transactions.
  • Promote better business relationships with your clients and suppliers by streamlining all your payable and receivable process.

Key Features Of Accounts Payable And Receivables

  • Email Automation: Instantly send emails to all customers in form of reminders, so they settle all payables. It allows creation of multi email templates and mapping each template to a set of customers.
  • Online Bills Payment: Online bills payment option available which makes it easy for your customers to settle them at once screen.
  • Tracks Invoice And Payment Status: Close monitoring of all invoices and payments executed by customers or suppliers. Keep close eye on all your payables and track of your cashflow, so you can access the real-time movement of all your accounts.
  • Document Management: Automatically upload all invoices and receipts to emails as attachments to have process automation and easy reference for future actions.
  • Reports And Analysis: Create customized reports to access real-time or share with stakeholders within organization and have up-to-date information on your planning and budgeting process flow.
  • Real-time And Accurate Data: Data collection is no doubt a user's nightmare. Through update automatically added to the system during each cycle, ensure to have both correct and updated data collection.
  • Customize Your Process Flow: Seldesk helps you to customize the process according to the company's specific needs. Build your own accounts receivable and payable process┬áto bring the company ease in operations.
  • Greater Visibility: You can see the value of your business through transparency. It offers great exposure of the project activity, which gives managing directors and business owners an efficient way of better understanding and focusing on areas and changes.
  • Time And Cost-Efficient: Less time and effort to print the invoices manually and send them to your clients. It also saves you a lot of money, as additional staff is no longer required to contact the clients and inform them about their payables.
  • Get Paid On Time: Automated reminders and notifications make absolutely difference for your customers to pay you on time. Seldesk tells them of their payments and payables and charges you on schedule.
  • Effective Communication: Both receivable and payable accounts divisions can run with the same technology and a central database which improve communication with workers and facilitate better communication.