Record and control the Purchasing of Products and Services via Purchase Orders.

Easily create or amend the first official offer or purchase order and issue to seller indicating types, quantities, and agreed prices for product or services. Quickly create new purchase orders, release them to your suppliers via email and have your present stock quantities adjusted as new items. Control the purchasing of products and services from external supplier to maintain a healthy demand and supply ration.

More On Purchase Order System By Seldesk Books

The Purchase Order system under Seldesk Books is a comprehensive and smart module which allows users to easily create the requisitions for purchase. Automatically route them to the appropriate approvers and then convert them to purchase orders as needed.

Key Features

  • Generates purchase orders automatically basis the inventory level of stock and replenishment algorithms.
  • Allows users to create different approval rules or levels basis order type, vendor information, order amount, and other order-specific information’s.
  • Orders can be partially completed or consolidated from multiple purchase orders under one receipt. Multiple receipts can be grouped into one voucher and multiple invoices can be entered for a single receipt.
  • Create, save and email recurring invoices for you. It takes the responsibility of remembering to regularly invoice your customers on the purchases done.
  • Automates purchase orders based on low stock level alerts, so you can relax without worrying further about the out of stock orders.
  • A comprehensive set of inquiry screens and auditing reports with drill-down function to view previous transactions.


  • Analyse, Forecast and Efficiently plan all your orders.
  • Obtain accurate statistics on your supplier’s performance through flexible reporting. Including delivery delays, quantities purchased, and much more.
  • Personalise the purchase order template to exactly match with your requirements. Your supplier can receive a precise PDF file containing all the information you choose with your business logo at the top.
  • Avoid unanticipated expenses and control the overall spending by generating smart forecasts.
  • Saves Time: Automation streamlines all those extensive PO creation and order placement process, with which you’ll save time with order arrival. All that you need to do now is to check the invoice against the purchase order and simply make sure if the order is correct.
  • Empowers Strategic Planning: Detailed purchasing records help you derive a strategic plan. It identifies product trends, market cycles and company expenditures which serves as key factors in developing significant insights for company performance improvement.
  • Enhances Inventory Management: Purchase order supports you in monitoring and managing your inventory efficiently. It highlights the list of products which needs to be purchased and review new invoices to maintain an accurate and balanced stock of inventory.
  • Controls Spending: It allows you to control the accessibility and monitor who is authorized to make purchases of any specifics. This feature prevents any unauthorized persons from placing orders.