Never Miss Anything & Build Better Customer Relationships

An effective Contact Management Software on Cloud that helps you to maintain warmer relationships with your customers and manage your schedule

Seldesk Cloud Contact Management module is the heart of SelDesk CRM solution that makes any customer relations management related process in your business better effective. It takes customer service experience to another level with its management capabilities to develop much better and warm customer relationships.


Key Features

  • Provides data such as customer’s communication history or their calendar activities and records of their closed deals
  • Merges all contact details such as multiple emails that belongs to one customer only and eliminates duplicate entry
  • Generates flexible reports which can be exported as CSV or PDF file. Schedule the reports you needed and send them automatically in your email accordingly
  • Automates importing and exporting your customers’ contact details
  • Integrated email functions and built-in email capabilities which are effective in driving sales
  • Stores data of your customers in a single database and manages your sales leads
  • Automates allocation of calls to your staff in an arranged and rational order and ensures that important leads are never missed


  • Conveniently transfer your data from one software to another
  • Gives you the right to create sales report which can help you make smart business decisions and better insights to improve your business performance
  • Enables you to figure out what are the current trends and evaluate every movement that you are doing and its consequences to your business
  • Effective in attracting more customers and boost your success rate
  • Promotes transparency within the organization
  • Gain a large percentage of possibility of winning the client and become your brand advocate
  • Better Customer Relationships : Keep in touch and engage in more meaningful conversations with your customers to build and develop long-lasting relationships with them
  • Tasks automation: Seldesk CRM automatically updates your contacts and reduces manual entry. It also enables you to set reminders and appointment so nothing will be missed from your schedules.
  • Accurate data: Store as much record based on your needs and let the Seldesk CRM merge the duplicates data to avoid data redundancy.
  • Boost sales: Monitor your key contacts activities and concentrate on them to determine when is the right time to reach out to them. Consolidated data in a single database helps you become successful in closing more deals.