Help Your Sales Team Close Your Deals Easily and Smartly!

Through accurate information and an organized list of opportunities, the sales team will be able to boost their productivity and enable them to close deals faster.

About Seldesk Cloud Deal Management Software

Seldesk Cloud Deal Management module is a solution used to overcome the challenges many companies face in managing business deals. It becomes a valuable asset for you by keeping track of the business interactions and transactions with different people in a centralized system.


Key Features

  • Clear representation of every deal in the sales pipeline to help the sales representative in carrying the deal forward.
  • Enables you to create your own monitoring system with a range of fields you need to be fully aware of your deals. It can be customized and be linked with related contact, the possibility of closing deals, estimated date of closing it, and assign the deal for yourself or allocate it to others. It also shows all details related to specific deals, even phone, and email conversations.
  • Organizes your deals and enables your sales team to be on track on every update and provides the status of it. While having a complete visibility of your deals, you can assign tasks for yourself to manage the progress of your deal and ensure its closure.
  • Improves your sales productivity by customizing how you want to view your deals. A comprehensive view of every deal is very helpful to your sales team to have clear information to close the deals successfully.
  • Systematized : The Seldesk CRM has its own structured parameters on how your sales team is going to close the deals. It helps to have consistency in the process of closing the deals successfully to eliminate unexpected risks and provide reliable information to your customers.
  • Visibility :It makes sure that you have clear visibility of your deals and its stages. It is the key to have its continuous progress, keep it on fast track and pursue the sales team to close it successfully.
  • Accessibility: Seldesk CRM is a cloud software which can be accessible 24/7, on any device. It makes sure that you are always connected and data is always available and accessible.
  • Awareness: Seldesk CRM assures everyone in the sales team to be fully aware of what is really happening with each deal. It has a single database with complete information which can be used in tracking its status. It also has an automatic status update which helps them decide the next step.
  • Guiding Right:It is not only great support in finding the right deals for you but it also focuses on how you handle the deals right.