Increase Your Win % on Leads
and Sales Opportunities.

Help your sales team focus more on the sales by automating the communication and follow-up process.

erp system

About Seldesk Lead and Opportunity Management Software

The Seldesk Lead and Opportunity Management module is a simple but smart and advanced system that best benefits for your sales team. It drives their efforts to succeed in closing all the leads and opportunities. It helps them to automate their administrative tasks and lets them concentrate on what should they do best, which is sales.

Key Features

  • It concentrates on the prospect’s activity and tells you when and where you should put your focus on. It can provide a data-rich and detailed timeline of the prospect’s activities with which you can assess the progress easily.
  • It is capable to give you an idea about the status of your deals, provide insights on how to be successful in your next deal and keep you updated in every customer-related activities.
  • It lets you set up automatic lead transmitting so every possible lead is not missed. It ensures leads and opportunities are allocated to the right person in your sales team.
  • The built-in quoting ability for quick and easy creation of quotations helps you automatically generate a detailed quotation based on the deal information and email it to the customers with just a few clicks.
  • It allows you to manage all your marketing campaigns. You can modernize tracking it through various social media platforms as well. Engage with your prospects and customers across social media channels and fascinate them about what you can offer.
  • Focus on possible leads : Maximize your sales opportunities by focusing your time and attention to win possible leads and opportunities.
  • Gain important insights :Understand the activities and progress of the sales team that can help you gain important insights for performance improvement.
  • Attract Customers: Let your sales team easily reach the prospects or customers by email or phone to attract them according to their buying intentions and make sure to get sales from them.
  • Appreciate your sales team and gain better ROI: It helps you recognize who among your sales team brings quality leads. Appreciate them for their great work and encourage them more to help increase your ROI.
  • Enhance productivity:Save your sales team’s time by automating the lead management process and let them concentrate on making sales more easily.