Create Your Custom Reports and Dashboards to Analyse Your Team Performance.

Be updated with trends and forecast your profits using Seldesk CRM’s Reports and Dashboard module.

About Seldesk Reports and Dashboard Software on Cloud

Seldesk CRM Reports and Dashboard module monitors the number of deals closed every day, week, months or in a year and informs about new leads. It also helps you identify how long it takes for your sales team to close one deal and how fast they proceed to another.


Key Features

  • Sales Activity Reports: Keep track of your sales activities by having a progressive report about the emails you send to your prospective deals, calls you made with them, every single detail of tasks you do and appointments you scheduled. Sales activity reports help you find out how your sales team is handling every deal and gives you an idea which area is for improvement and which can be maintained.
  • Sales Cycle Reports: The Seldesk CRM gives you a complete view of the sales team process done while closing their deals. It shows you how they are pushing on each deal and the time they spent in each stage. These metrics can be used in setting a timeline for them to achieve their target goals.
  • Trend Reports: The Seldesk CRM also gives you insights about the trends with every deal. This is a great help to identify your target market and derive an effective marketing campaign that your sales team can use.
  • Report Dashboards: Seldesk CRM has a digital dashboard that shows the reports at a glance. It is capable of displaying the information into multiple formats within a single screen. It can be viewed as chart, tables, and trend lines. The dashboard can also be customized as per your requirements and used as a clear presentation of how you are performing.
  • Create Your Own Report: The Reports and Dashboards module lets you create your own in your most convenient way. It has all the data you need with respective fields with a drag and drop facility.
  • Integrate and Modify Charts in Your Reports: This module helps you have a full understanding of how your team is performing. It has a reporting tool that allows you to modify your reports and get the vital information you need.
  • Real-time Data for Smart Decision Making: Access your Seldesk CRM anywhere you are and anytime you want. Use its precise and real-time data to make decisive and significant decisions and closing your deals successfully.