Comprehensive Cloud-based ERP Platform with
Long-term Ambition To Change
The Way Of Doing Business.

Transform your business digitally, improve workflow and performance with our cloud-based ERP solution.
Unique and powerful cloud-based ERP solution to manage your entire business – no matter what the size of your
organization is. Automate all the monotonous tasks to increase productivity and attain performance growth.
Our complete enterprise application integrates with all your core business processes to streamline the operational flow.



Unified database to achieve smooth functionality from each module and to conform to the needs of every business.

& Scalability

The Seldesk ERP scales and rises in line as the business grows. Leverage technology with our built-in machine learning, predictive analytics, and streamlined ERP cycle solution. Keep the new developments at your disposal with automatic updates.


Generate reliable and real-time data to be used and interpreted by all users within the community. Reliable performance analysis inside our ERP framework offers visibility into an efficient and spot-on decision-making process.


Changes made by any personnel of any department within the organisation shall be updated in real time and accessible to other users You can use our ERP system through your smartphones, mobile, desktop or laptop at any time and anywhere.


Your database is safe and secured over the Seldesk ERP platform. There is no need to maintain a server especially for the ERP solution since it is already hosted over cloud with addition of multi-layer security.


You can now handle multiple modules at a time with Seldesk ERP. It can control multi-departmental functions such as accounting, distribution, promotions, HR and so on from a single platform.

Ease of Use

A cloud-based ERP that is simple and conventional making it easy to use. The user-friendly features make it easy for users to perform all their tiresome activities effectively.

Key Benefits

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Cost Effective

No huge start-up capital required during the ERP system implementation. All that you need to do is subscribe to the right package as per your business needs and start using the software. Avoid all cost and efforts of managing additional hardware or servers.

erp solutions

Increased Productivity

Enable all your departments and branches to communicate effectively and collaborate faster than ever before. Through our integrated and unified database, you can coordinate to anyone within the business in real-time and ensure smoother operations. There's no need to wait for someone’s feedback or response and follow up over call or email.

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Faster ROI

Seldesk ERP not just accelerates your business operations but also supports in achieving your business goals such as targeted ROI. Through our consistency and accuracy on data along with detailed analysis, business performance for growth are made easier and decision making becomes effective.

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Easy Implementation

Support from humans are no longer need to implement our cloud-based ERP solution. You just need to log into your subscribed application and start using the solution anytime and anywhere through an internet-connected device.

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Data Security

We maintain a very secured hosting environment. Seldesk guarantees all users on data security and that your information’s are always confidential. Your data and sensitive information’s are encrypted through which you can prevent login with unauthorised access or entry of intruders.

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Time Efficient

Seldesk ERP automates all the business processes and transforms them to a streamlined business flow. It eliminates all manual tasks and provides you more time and a reliable resource that can be used in growing the business and customer experience.

One Complete Suite of Cloud-based ERP Solution to Run Your Entire Business Operations.

Accounting and Financial Management
  • Multi company, multi location and branch wise accounting
  • Complete VAT enabled summary report per country
  • Customizable to any extend to meet your requirements
Inventory Management
  • Increased warehouse efficiency with real-time tracking and updates
  • Detailed analysis of inventories, inflows, turnaround and shipments
  • Real-time and role-based metrics dashboard with visibility in stock management
HR and Payroll Management
  • Performance appraisal, compensation & benefits, trainings, developments and document management
  • Record employee details and benefits per the UAE or regional labour law
  • Employee self-service and real-time organizational workflow dashboard
Warehouse Management
  • Scan goods and put-away by barcodes to make the process faster
  • Record physical inventory in real-time and reduce time spent on cycle counting
  • Locate stocks using RFID feature and enhance warehouse efficiency
Asset Management and Tracking
  • Tolls maintenance schedules, asset location, track repair schedules and spot notification on events
  • Search and locate assets with Radio Frequency enabled with Bluetooth and GPS technologies
  • Identify deviations, negative trends or pivot points in asset management
Customer Relationship Management
  • Schedule events, tasks, milestones, reminders, assign work and collaborate with team members to automate the process
  • Record task and sync with calendar so you don't have to login in the application to be updated
  • Create and filter leads, track progress and analyse forecast with update on complete sales cycle
Job Costing and Estimation
  • Customized report on field based project management jobs
  • Project and service management features integrated with payroll and timecard management
  • Complete automated forecasts with intelligent projections and job completion tracking
  • Compare estimates with actual cost, material or labour cost, or with sub-contractors and run a variance report
Retail POS Management
  • VAT integrated for taxation reports, local and multi-language billing, real-time stock position check and loyalty management feature integrated
  • Integrated with advanced inventory, stock, back office and accounts management applications
  • Customised solution for restaurant, supermarket, retailers, kitchen order, e-waiter and much more