Monitor And Control The Complete Lifecycle Of Your Fixed Assets And Inventory

Utilize your fixed assets and manage its depreciation and disposal with our cloud-based Asset Management and Tracking solution.

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More about Asset Management and Tracking Solution

Seldesk Asset Management and Tracking is a well-blended system that is ideal for any company to control and optimize the lifetime of its fixed assets and their use. Cloud-based asset management platform with a mix of accounting and inventory features that helps track the proper disposal and depletion of fixed assets.


Key Features of Asset Management and Tracking Solution:

  • Runs on any smart devices that are ideal for multi-location business operations.
  • Integrated with other module such as Accounting and Inventory.
  • Provides detailed information about each asset, such as its position, use and any significant changes made to it.
  • Unified database for exchanging both reports and documents.
  • Makes modification according to the exact requirements, if appropriate.
  • Automated search and monitor function for handling assets from various locations with real-time data.
  • Compliance with required asset assessment to preserve organizational integrity.
  • Automated alerts and updates that keep you constantly updated with what's going on with every asset like its license expiration, its maintenance schedules and so on.
  • Saves Time & Money: Track every asset's lifecycle properly, including its maintenance. To deter non-productivity, it prevents over maintenance that brings too much dent on the income and under-maintenance of the company.
  • Effective Asset Management: Helps you know and respect each and every asset that you have. This will help you to run your commodity as efficiently as possible.
  • Specified Inventory: Sometimes missing or stolen items are unavoidable. To have an appropriate inventory, Seldesk Asset Management removes those products in the index. It also allows the deletion of lost or discarded properties in the archive.
  • Risk Management: Assessing and recognizing threats for each asset concerned. It helps companies avoid it and don't let it happen in deriving effective solution.
  • Productivity Improvement: Handles the investments in an appropriate manner. It optimizes systems and improves their performance by appropriately planning, financing and implementation.
  • Enhance Compliance: For audit and regulatory purposes, there are occasions where accurate monitoring of assets is needed. Seldesk helps you to create detailed reports focused on whatever needs you have.