Streamline The Critical Financial Management Business Process

Gather the financial data and comprehend the results in one place so that the financial management process is carried out in a more comprehensive and effective way.

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More about Accounting and Financial Management from Seldesk

Seldesk Financial Management solution is a tool that simplifies how you handle the sales, expenditures, assets and other related aspects of the accounts and finances of the business. It monitors the organization's incoming and outgoing expenditures, and keeps its daily business. It takes care of the budgeting process so you can maintain a healthy cashflow.


Benefits The Following Advantages Using Seldesk Accounting and Financial Management Solution:

  • Reduces accounting errors that, when making financial decisions for your company, render the data accurate.
  • Shortens cycles of all financial activities and promotes business operations.
  • Efficient and versatile in the modification, extension or even execution of the company's particular goal.
  • This facilitates project planning and implementation to maximize the cash flow and stop increasing business expenditures.
  • Accumulates accurate and reliable financial data that lets business owners obtain financial perspectives that are critical in the cycle of decision making.
  • Provides complete security of your financial information and helps optimize your financial resources and earnings.

Key Features of Seldesk Accounting and Financial Management Solution

  • Tracks Profit/Income: Seldesk Financial Management Software's main function is to track, monitor and maintain your company's entire financial health. It identifies whether your financial resources are being properly utilized and evaluates your spending habits.
  • Manage Ledgers: It manages the financial transactions carefully and it keeps them coordinated. It lets you determine quickly whether the purchases you made are part of your revenue or expenditures, and so on. This shows a clear and measurable financial performance which is critical for evaluating the financial health of your business.
  • Accounts Payable: The company accounts are tracked and handled, and the funds they owe you are paid on schedule. It automates invoice creation, sends payment notification and offers a more efficient payment system for a faster collection process.
  • Accounts Receivable: Ensures that the right commodity is selected on the basis of basic method of selection or business laws like first in first out. It also means the goods are delivered and reaching the consumer without interruption.
  • Cash Management: Monitors the business ' regular cash transactions, such as cash balances, exchanges of money and review of bank accounts. To avoid negative cashflow, it enables you to control the following in a simplified way.
  • Multi-Companies: As the company grows, there is an increasing number to locations and subsidiaries too. Seldesk Financial Management may manage multiple divisions and locations in one area. Financial transactions are always available in real time from all the places.
  • Multi-Currency: Have your business internationally and manage your affiliates wherever they are based. Seldesk Financial Management offers multi-currency support to help you stay in control of your company finances in different currencies and values.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Produce accurate and comprehensive reports anytime you wish. The analysis in real time tells you where the money actually comes from. It also has an interactive dashboard that displays graphical data to make the company results easier to interpret and grasp easily.
  • Improved Productivity: Automation undoubtedly increases efficiency and avoids waste from research due to errors and removes replication of results.
  • Financial Accountability: An authorized user may gain full disclosure of your financial performance and let them realize how the company is doing financially.
  • Better Planning and Budgeting: Simplifies the way you set the budget for your company by forecasting costs and possible future revenues.
  • Real-time Analysis: All financial transactions and your selling activities can be monitored in real-time and whenever you wish.
  • Data Accuracy: Manual information input to different platforms is avoided, and data is merged and maintained in one centralized database to maintain precision.
  • Mobility and Accessibility: An application that runs on any smart device which can be accessed whenever and wherever you are.