Identify the exact amounts you can incur in a Costing and Productivity Assessment Program

Analyse the cost of each of your job and keep track with your team’s performance based on how they control and cut their expenses, efficiency and productivity.

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More About Job Costing And Estimation From Seldesk ERP

A smart solution which simplifies the tedious tasks of calculating the profit earned on each work. This combines the accounting processes and the operating side of your company so you have full control over the entire enterprise. This allows you to create countermeasures that can prevent problems that may occur during the process. It assists in deciding if previous jobs / projects are worth pursuing again in the future.


Seamlessly Complete Your Task And Projects Through The Following Benefits From Seldesk:

  • Estimate the costs of potential jobs / projects based on the previous documents held in the network.
  • Supports minimizing or removing altogether the errors and flaws contained throughout the project.
  • Provides specified spending costs throughout the phases of each work or mission until it is finished.
  • Reduces the risk of investing more on needless products and acquisitions, and increasing the income assurances.
  • Powers you to evaluate efficiency, job performance, and cost of employment.

Key Features of Job Costing & Estimation from Seldesk:

  • Purchase Order Process: Enables you to get the best purchase price of your products depending on your own discount choices. This allocates the orders immediately to employees according to the projected costs and figures.
  • Real-time Performance Tracking: Each level of each job is closely monitored. Giving you the opportunity to move independently of anticipated issues. This helps you to see how much income you have earned even if the project is not over yet.
  • Labour Expense Management: Automatically calculates the actual working hours and makes it easy to equate them with the projected labour expenses.
  • Comprehensive Reports: Holds all your details and produces detailed reports against projects related to both resources and labour costs that could aid you in your future projects and decision making.
  • Manage Documents: This requires records relevant to each work to be added and guarantees protection and security in one location. You can map this whenever you need it, or even use those documents as a reference for other similar projects.
  • Data & Information Accessibility: Evaluation of your information is necessary for each project. With Seldesk, your work costing data is protected and it's always accessible and easy to use, simplifying the evaluation phase.
  • Profitability: Helps you to consider each project's financial overview, and let you realize the profit and loss. This can help you improve your cost-allocation approach to maximize competitiveness.
  • Improved Performance: Evaluate the workers' performance based on their effectiveness, quality and how they control the expenditures. You can also pick out areas for improvement.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Estimates such indirect costs such as overhead and, if done manually, is usually difficult.
  • Mobility and Accessibility: Runs on smart devices, allowing access to and use of data whenever and wherever you are. Monitor any real-time change and movements of your team.
  • Visibility and Transparency: Management and users can be highly visible on the projects. They can also monitor its status closely on a daily basis and detailed breakdown of the project.
  • Effective Cost Control: It allows users to evaluate historical, projected and present operational costs in order to determine the total cost of ongoing projects whenever practicable.