Save your time and effectively manage your personnel attendance.

An advance Attendance Management Software on Cloud that makes timekeeping procedures easier than ever.

About Seldesk Cloud Attendance Management

Seldesk Attendance Management System is a vital part of Seldesk HRMS that allows employees and managers easily process leave requests, overtimes and other attendance related details. It also gives the user a broad and full view of your employees’ leave, list of holidays and in-out logs on the move.


Functions of Attendance Management Software

(How Seldesk Attendance Management Solution can help your organization)
This module allows you to track real-time attendance data of your employees captured through means of biometric, mobile or Geo-punch. With its location-centric attendance feature, employees who are usually working onsite can easily mark their attendance. It captures their location from where they’ve marked their location and send out this information along with their log-in time to your system where you can verify their attendance at ease.

Features of Attendance Management System

  • Overtime Tracking: Manages multiple shifts, week-offs, overtime calculations by defining suitable attendance policy as per your company’s norms.
  • Direct Device Integration: Integrates with the number of assistive machines such as biometric devices including fingerprint, iris, facial recognition etc.
  • Multi-shift Tracking: Tracks all your employees’ multiple shifts for efficient time management.
  • Attendance Policies Compliance: Different type of leaves such as sick leave, compensatory leave, unpaid leave etc can be customized based on your company requirements. Leave policy can be created for transparency between the management and employees.
  • All-inclusive Dashboard: Employee’s attendance, integrated metrics and detailed reports are completely visible in the comprehensive attendance management dashboard.
  • Leave Requests Management: Receive employee vacation requests and manage them in a more organized manner. Get the vacation notice and sanction for salaried/not employees’ vacation. View overlapping leave requests and manage them appropriately.

Advantages of Attendance Management

  • Drastically reduces and saves time that can be allocated elsewhere which improves the productivity of the entire organization. • Improved efficiency for both administration and employees.
  • Easily capture in/out of employees’ details.
  • Optimizes employee work schedules, effortlessly creates multiple shift patterns for working groups, allowances and even plan ahead for overtime
  • Accurate calculations of payroll by defining suitable attendance policy as per your company’s norms.
  • Easily retrieve reports like project time reports, employee-project and activity breakdown reports, attendance summary reports, monthly attendance reports, and much more.
  • Automates the Process of Payroll Computation : Eliminates the manual process of timekeeping and attendance monitoring. Gives the payroll department an automatic and accurate payroll computation.
  • Stress-free Scheduling Workflow : Helps managing schedules and work allocations in just a few clicks. Provides the organization anticipated workloads and resources that may help them in budgeting their labour expenses.
  • Provides smart insights: Have a quick and easy understanding of attendance data through detailed reports that can be used in strategic evaluation and come up with smart insights like an improvement on leave policy and employee performance.
  • Mobility and flexibility: Onsite workers don’t require to report office to have their attendance taken, instead, they can use their smartphones to punch in and an alert will be automatically received by managers or HR staff.