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About Seldesk Cloud Leave Management

Seldesk Leave Management Module enables your organization to create multiple types of leaves such as vacation leave, sick leave, maternity leave, family care leave, childcare leave, etc quickly and easily. It allows the configuration of rules governing these types of leaves with company and state policies to ensure compliance.


Advantages of Using Leave Management System

  • No need to follow leave policies manually which saves your time and avoids human errors.
  • Get real-time snapshots of employee schedules, leaves, vacations, and absences. Receive a notification on the dashboard for vacation updates, such as the requested date and approval status.
  • Promotes employee awareness about company’s leave policy and they also can monitor and request the leaves allocated to them.
  • Eliminates manual alteration and data loss since the data is automatically stored in cloud database.
  • Smartly organizes staff vacations and holidays through viewable leave information, the schedule of leaves between staffs becomes transparent.
  • Reduces unofficial leaves and extreme absenteeism that might affect the performance of the company

Features of Leave Management System

  • Leave Accrual and Carry Forward: Configure leave entitlements to automatically accrue for different groups of employees. Determines action to be taken if there’s a leave balance at the end of the year. Leave policies are all configured.
  • Leave Dashboard: Flexible and easy-to-use leave dashboard allows the user to efficiently request a holiday if needed. Employees can individually access holiday and attendance information at any time through a web portal. View summary information on leave, including total entitlement, earned vacation, earned leave, remaining leave balance, etc.
  • Multi-Location: It has a fully flexible multi-location feature that enables companies to implement their HR and leave management system on the cloud quick and easy.
  • Customizes Leave Types: Seldesk’s Leave Management module helps you customize leave types and set up complex leave policies for any type of industry having locations in multiple countries. It is also possible to customize the leave policy for each employee if required according to company preferences or to comply with government rules.
  • Employee Self-Service: An easy self-service portal allows users to check holiday balances and apply to leave online, check the status of applied leave and view the history of past leaves. Employees can plan their leaves based on the team's schedule to ensure the number of people in your departments is adequate. Employees can apply for a new emergency leave by simply entering the date, and the start and end time so that the leave duration will automatically get updated. Manager’s Self Service option allows managers to access employee leave requests and information and can approve or reject them with reasons.
  • Flexible timings and shifts: Seldesk leave management module offers settings for flexible timings and schedules. This allows companies with flexible working hours to use our leave system with flexible start and end times. Different holiday periods, working hours and weekly hours can be defined at the level of each person, department or place.
  • Leave Reports: Different reports such as the leave usage report and the leave list allow the employee, supervisor, and HR officials to get a quick overview of the status, pay and leave entitlements. Reports can be viewed as per the assigned user security levels. The standard employee can view only his own data while the supervisor can see the data of his subordinates. With Seldesk leave management module, you can easily generate reports such as leaves per user, leaves per month, leaves according to types, authorized and unauthorized leaves planned and unplanned leaves, etc.
  • Ease of use : The Online Staff Leave Planner allows administrators to configure information about employees and types of leave. It will be easy for employees to check the status of their current leave applications, be updated with their leave balances and view their leave history for previous years. The dashboard also is accessible to the managers and allows them to review and approve leave requests. Using Seldesk employee leave planning module benefits both employers and employees by providing a fair and transparent leave approval process.
  • Secure and Scalable Our cloud based leave management system is easy to set up. You can easily customize your company’s settings in a few minutes. Add and set up your staff, preferences, and permissions made easy as well.
  • Accurate Payroll Leave management eliminates human errors encountered during manual data entry. Since every information was timely recorded and automated in the system, the data of employees can be easily retrieved for payroll calculations.
  • Accessibility and Mobility It is easy for the user to retrieve employee records any time and any place of their choice for monitoring purposes. Staff can request their leaves ahead of time and view their leave history, leave accruals, company holidays, and status of their leave requests. The managers will be updated with notifications about staff’s requests for easy approval.
  • Real-time: It provides real-time data. Employee can plan for his/her leave based on the convenience of other co-workers, work deadline and company leave policy. Mismanagement of leave requests can be avoided when using the Seldesk Leave Management System.