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Make Your New Recruits’ Onboarding Experience a Memorable One.

An expert Onboarding Management Software on Cloud that can easily standardize and automate the complete process of onborading your new employees from the induction to training.


About Seldesk Cloud Onboarding Management System

Seldesk Onboarding Management Software can set up a complete and step by step process of the critical induction period. An HR module that helps you to quickly complete your paperwork and give more meaning to introductions. It can make you keep the interest of your new employees while ensuring that they are truly productive and operational.

Why is It Good for You? – Advantages of Onboarding Management Application

  • Simplifies day-one procedures so that new employees can focus on fun and not in forms. It streamlines the integration system and gives you the tools needed to make your new recruit’s first days memorable.
  • Makes new and promising employees feel welcomed warmly from the moment they accept your offer which keeps them engaged and becomes productive.
  • Contributes to the efficiency of your organization so that you and your organization will look great for new employees and encourages them to decide to stay with you for a long time.
  • Easily set and track important milestones during the integration period of the new employee.
  • Empowers your new recruits to reduce stress in employee turnover and increases their job satisfaction and work performance.

Features of Onboarding Management Software

  • Customizable onboarding guides to help you in making your new talent excited about their role and improve engagement before their first day.
  • Onboarding templates help in creating step-by-step checklists that guarantee lesser administrative tasks such as background checks.
  • Collects electronic signatures with customizable pre-boarding packages and define new recruits in advance with welcome emails and mailing lists.
  • Automatically sends onboarding tasks to the new recruits so that they can complete their task at their own pace.
  • Automatically syncs with the rest of the Seldesk modules so all information instantly added to all application dashboards including payroll, paid vacation, hours of presence, employee directory, etc.
  • Set up and send introductory emails and reminders to your new hire’s manager and to other departments such as IT to help make your new employee’s onboarding experience smooth and easy.
  • Intuitive dashboards and easy-to-use notifications keep you up-to-date about the progress of the onboarding process.
  • Serves as an education channel where you can upload company information, policies and procedures.
  • Asset allocation functionality allows you to define assets such as a car, laptop, mobile phone, etc. Assign them to employees and track them until leaving their position. Asset requests can be done though the ESS portal as well.
  • Build a Foundation and Develop Employee Engagement: Sharing your core values and culture to an employee soon after joining your organization is a way of building a strong connection with them. This can ensure their full commitment and fascinate them about possible contributions that they can share in attaining your goals for positive progress of the organization.
  • Attract More Talents : Existing employees who are happy and satisfied with their on-boarding experience will definitely share this with their peers within the industry. Good things spread through word of mouth give a positive impact on your organization. Through this, it is easy for you to captivate the interest of best talents in your industry.
  • Provides New Hires Strong Network Support: Seldesk’s effective on-boarding program helps new hires adjust and understand organization’s culture and environment. It is a program that can serve as an open communication between both parties that can help them reduce pressure and anxieties, build their trust and boost their confidence. Good rapport builds alignment between an organization and its employees..
  • Business Growth and Success: Obtaining and retaining top talents through an effective onboarding program brings success to your organization. It makes newly hired employees understand their expectations from the beginning and perform better as they start working. While developing and sharpening the skills of retained employees make them satisfied with their job. It helps boost their confidence and performance to contribute more to their knowledge that drives business growth.