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About Seldesk Cloud Employee Performance Management

Seldesk Employee Performance Management is a 360-degree performance management module that eliminates the tedious task of managing and evaluating employees’ performance. It ends the continuous process of setting employee goals, tracking their progress against them, evaluating results, recognizing their performance, and retaining top performers in assessments. The Seldesk HRMS provides a complete and comprehensive solution that records the employee's key achievements in accordance with the business plans of the organization.


What It Does for You - Functions of the Employee Performance Management System

It helps you strategize employees’ performance which serves as a basis for monitoring and analysis. The records needed are available to both managers and report contributors. It offers robust features that help your organization perform self-assessments and peer reviews with absolute certainty. Seldesk HRMS supports the 360-degree paradigm for performance appraisal review as well.

Features of Employee Performance Management Software

Appraisal Cycle Configuration

It allows you to configure multiple assessment cycles for your organization, including submission dates for evaluation forms. Seldesk records information on eligibility criteria, assessment groups or categories, multiple assessment cycles, key result areas (KRAs) and performance appraisal process. The evaluation process begins with the initiation of the evaluation cycle, self-rating by the Appraise, Rating by the Appraisers, Overall rating and Normalization.

  • Performance Rating: Managers can assign each employee performance ratings and overall promotion recommendations based on the assessment of objectives and skills. Seldesk performance rating provides managers with an easier way to have productive conversations with employees, resulting in a more accurate review rating and better results.
  • Goal Management: Easy and simple to set employee goals by defining deliverables, priority levels and timelines for each goal. Everyone in your organization wants to work on the right things at the right time. Seldesk HRMS goal management approach increases the accountability, commitment, and clarity of employee performance goals.
  • Competency Management: It allows you to define the required skills based on the job by simply adding the required skills and assigning the corresponding weights. Improve your productivity or develop new skills to do new business, increase and retain the employee. Skills and competency management helps to identify talent internally and maintains it effectively. It also helps to align an individual’s behaviour within the culture of the organization.
  • Initiate Appraisal: Through self-assessment, employees can detail their skills and review their results at each evaluation. You can also have multilevel reviewers and make sure that all report managers provide their reviews. Performance Management module with Seldesk HRMS makes it easy to choose the appraisal cycle and starts the appraisal process for one or all employees in a single click.
  • Appraisal Form Fill-up: It provides you an interface to evaluate employee performance by providing them ratings that reflect their actual performance against the required skills and objectives through an appraisal form. Seldesk’s evaluation module allows you to create evaluation plans and let you provide timely comments in addition to employees’ achievements.
  • Analytic Reviews : Forms embedded in our reviews feature allow you to rate an employee on topics such as diligence, attitude, punctuality and more. However, you can create your own personalized questions that are more specific to your company and the role of the employee. You can create as many performance evaluation forms as you want and even link them if necessary.
  • Specific Tailor-Made Programs: Seldesk allows you take all the information about your staff and present it in a way that highlights where and when performance has dropped, saving you time in the long run. Those gathered information can be a great help for you, as a manager, to tell whether your employees have succeeded or not.
  • Reliable Reports and Charts: set various review cycles where you can review employee performance on a daily, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual basis and provides the manager with an intuitive interface to view past appraisal records of all his employees through appraisal reports.
  • Track Performance Growth: Enables employees and managers to set and track multiple targets and goals straight from the performance appraisal software. It also has a permanent feedback channel that meets the needs of modern employees. This channel sends alerts and notifications to keep the employees informed about reminders, comments, updates, and accomplishments.
  • 3600 Feedback: With our performance management software, you can send 360 requests to anyone in your company, asking them to provide feedback on other staff members. You can set an expiration date on the request and, when the request is complete, generate a report listing all comments provided to an employee.
  • Real-time Updates :Alerts and reminders to keep you posted and ensures that employee evaluations are completed properly, performance management monitoring can add a mountain to your workload. But with Seldesk HRMS, you simply select the method and frequency, and we'll send automated reminders to you and your employees. Combined with dashboard notifications in Home, automated reminders are the best way to ensure performance tasks are done on time, every time.