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About Seldesk Employee Self-Service

The Seldesk Employee Self-Service System is a comprehensive employee portal where your employees can add, edit or update their personal information and details such as education, marital status, date of birth, gender, contact information, bank details, passport, work permit information, etc.


How Does It Work? - Functions of The Employee Self-Service Portal

Seldesk Employee Self-Service Software lets your employees view and update certain fields of their personal information with routine investigations. It automates the workflow and customizes the features to enable employees and supervisors to manage vacation requests, benefit changes, job details, and training history anytime and anywhere they want.

Features of Employee Self-Service

  • Organizational Details: Employees can keep their complete organizational details, such as employee designation, department, type of job, date of membership etc.
  • Qualification and Employment Details: Easily retrieve reports like Project Time Report, Employee, Project, and Activity Breakdown Reports, Attendance Summary Report, Monthly Attendance Report and much more. Get the full and complete view of all employees’ attendance with the help of integrated set of figures, accurate reports, and comprehensive dashboards.
  • Personal Information Management: With Seldesk HRMS ESS portal, Employees are empowered to view important personal data with just a few mouse clicks. They can view information such as skills, events, current job, job history and performance reviews. They are also able to update certain areas such as personal information, emergency contacts, education, and medical conditions through the Employee Self-Service Portal directly.
  • Time-off Management: Employees can view time-off balances, available attendance plans, and absence logs. It is also possible for them to request time-off in advance and edit or delete the previous time-off that they have requested, still pending approval.
  • Document Management: Documentation is an easy task through the document module in Seldesk. You can update, retrieve, edit, share, and print/export documents at any time through your Employee Self-Service Portal.
  • Makes the Life of Employees Working Onsite Easy : ESS portal provides access to online training, important notices and announcements, news sheets, and employee directories that make the life of employees working on-site easy. In this way, it reduces the amount of work that HR and payroll staff needs to perform for accommodating all questions and queries coming from employees working on-site.
  • Reduce Administrative Hassles : Generally speaking, employees don’t want to spend a lot of their time on administrative hassles and bustles. ESS is capable of granting their wish which is to do the job they are paid for. And this simply makes employees happier because it helps them boost their morale and productivity.
  • Manage Staff’s Shift and Schedules: ESS helps managers and HR staff save their working hours and withdraw their frustrations by not facing any scheduling issues and time-off requests. ESS enables employees to access their shifts and schedules from their own home conveniently that can lift up the feeling of empowerment.
  • Great Investment Regardless of the Size of Your Company: It is definitely worth to invest in ESS because it helps businesses, regardless of their size, standardize their HR and payroll practices that allow them to save enormous time.
  • Automated and Accurate: With ESS, transactions related to HR and payroll are absolutely accurate and it reduces human errors that usually happen during the manual process. Also, it can automatically detect specific HR related errors like double entries in employee benefits that conclusively helps the business save money as well.