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A Talent Management Software on Cloud that helps the ambitious, motivated and productive employees develop and grow and bring in added value in line with the future goals of your organization.

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About Seldesk Cloud Talent Management System

Seldesk Talent Management software increases the performance and effectiveness of your employees. It is an integrated talent management system that helps you every step of the way - from storing CVs to creating virtual recruiting committees to new employee onboarding to increasing employee engagement in evaluations. This module integrates seamlessly into the Seldesk core HR system.

What It Does for You - Functions of Talent Management Application

It enables you to assess the quality of recruitments, obtain results and develop valuable talents for a more effective working relationship. It improves the accountability and visibility of your employees within your organization by automating and monitoring employee performances and the workflow assessment processes.

Features of Recruitment Management Software

  • It has a centralized database that assures everything is in one place, so no need for separate HR tools to do your job.
  • Built around a social intranet, which allows your human resources department to communicate with employees, use social recognition tools and to remember employee birthdays, important events etc.
  • Organizational survey function which allows you to listen to your employees that constantly measures the pulse of your organization. With valuable information from your employee engagement surveys, you can show your employees that you are committed to listening to them, understanding their needs, and responding to their feedback.
  • Allows you to host a comprehensive catalogue of instructor-led employee training courses. It also gives you the ability to automatically create and assign a curriculum to the new recruits, organizational units, locations, or specific roles.
  • It comes with a “Development Module” which is an interactive web-based solution for employee development, employee retention, and planning of future organizational needs.
  • Reward your best talents and manage employee benefits in a simpler and more efficient way.
  • Retain Top Talent: : Once you have the best employees, you must keep them. With all the information about employees hosted on a cloud platform and carefully organized in an online profile, you can track performance appraisals, goals, skills and career aspirations to make sure your employees are satisfied and on the right track.
  • Employee Development: Enables employees to take training courses, develop skills and attitude, and in some cases pursue certifications relevant to their professional and career development.
  • Smarter Business Decisions: Complete and comprehensive view of employee performance helps the management to identify areas that need improvement and development. It also identifies easily if these new decisions are going to affect other areas of operation.
  • Increase Employee and Manager Engagement: The employee profile helps them interact with their managers to assess their professional career progression. Our software encourages employees to invest in the organization and align their daily work with business goals while also focusing on their personal goals.
  • Grow Together : Our solution enables managers and employees to develop career paths together. Discover strengths and areas requiring development with detailed gap analysis, then devise plans to help you develop and grow your employees.
  • Employee Experience Made Better: Gives employees right to check their personal information and data by giving them private access to their important documents such as payslips, leave requests, etc.
  • Identify Barriers : Easily and quickly identify barriers to success, discover learning and development opportunities, and collaborate cross-functionally to ensure that employee goals and activities are aligned with key business objectives.