Grow Your Employees Through Systematic Training Programs.

A Training Management Software on Cloud that can provide a 360 degrees view of employee training programs of your organization

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About Seldesk Cloud Training Management Software

Seldesk Training Management module helps organizations planning and creating training program schedules for their employees. This module is designed to meet proper implementation and management of employee training programs which is a common challenge for the human resource administration for company or organization.

Functions of the Training Management System - Know How It Will Help You.

Visualize and map the effectiveness and performance of training programs for multiple employees in one click. It is an excellent module that helps in identifying the skill gaps among employees and offers opportunities for training programs to create multiple training courses based on employee and/or project needs.

Features of Training Management System

  • Integrated Database: Training data and information are stored in one place. Creation of plans, schedules, supervision and other administrative tasks in one central location only.
  • Dynamic Reporting Features: Provides a clear idea of what is happening within your organization today and deeper insights into how the business is performing which is essential when it comes to making strategic decisions in preparation for the future.
  • Built-in Reminders : Helps managers schedule reminders for training while keeping their team on track, ensures that managers are informed and that employees stay informed; helping to keep skills up-to-date in accordance with industry standards.
  • An intuitive Set of Reports: Provides incomparable information about skills, qualifications, and experience within the team and organization to bring training details to life.

Advantages of Training Management System

  • Everybody in an organization has access to necessary details needed in the absence of the main responsible person for a specific process to avoid delays.
  • Employees organize their own training and share their feedback with the company to ensure that the training that they received was satisfactory and met their expectations.
  • Helps in developing new and improved courses on your training management database.
  • Process of hiring and training employees made simple. It allows HR staff to create learning and training plans for employees on the move.
  • Ideal partner to help you create a career path and transparent growth for your employees.
  • Saves Staff Time: Completely automates the process of training assistance procedure in an organization. No need to spend long hours in just preparing necessary documents manually.
  • Promotes Growth and Knowledge Development: Significant time saved can be allotted to more meaningful tasks for growth and knowledge development.
  • Mobility and Accessibility: Managers and employees have the ability to connect from anywhere and from any device to complete the training assigned to them. Track the status of the training on your portal once it is completed.
  • Connect with Your Employees: Makes employee-management relationships grow and becomes strong by letting them participate in various training programs of your organization through company-controlled list of courses.