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About Seldesk Restaurant Kitchen Management Software on Cloud

The Seldesk Restaurant Kitchen Management System is a module of Seldesk RESTO which maintains the orderliness of kitchen and order processes. Every time the customers are ready with their orders, waiters just need to input the orders with Seldesk-RESTO in their tablet or mobiles and automatically detailed orders will be sent to the kitchen staff. Orders will be instantly prompted into the kitchen monitors and kitchen staff can prepare the orders accordingly without any troubles. It develops seamless two-way communication between kitchen staff and waiters.


Key Features

  • The kitchen display system helps the kitchen staff be updated on ongoing and upcoming orders on screens installed in the kitchen. It organizes the distribution of work between the kitchen staff by displaying proper food orders to prepare for each assigned or designated food preparation station. It speeds up their work and avoids long wait for customers.
  • Orders sent from Seldesk RESTO are initiated in the kitchen display with a loud, accompanying chime so that the chef is aware of the incoming orders.
  • Coursing manager allows you to send customer’s orders all together so that the customer receives each course at the appropriate time. Coursing rules can be set on timing, item number, etc.


  • Customize the kitchen display with bigger or smaller tickets, font-sizes, appearance, and behaviour as per your convenience and prioritize tickets easily with color-coded status and track individual cook times for better productivity.
  • Personalize and set the time of production for each food preparation as needed. This synchronizes the process of dish production and serves your customers simultaneously.
  • No more waste on wrong food preparation because of the hard-to-read handwriting.
  • Seldesk RESTO synchronizes perfectly with your existing kitchen printer to help improve your back-of-house operations.
  • Supports taking away the pressures when preparing orders for customers.
  • It helps the team to focus on providing quick and excellent customer service and meet customer expectations with high-quality food.
  • Sharing of orders instantly with kitchen staff increases table turns. This helps increase your profit and create a great impression on your customer service.
  • Assures you to become fiercely competitive in the restaurant and hospitality industry.
  • The perfect partner for chefs. It does not only focus on serving customers fast and efficient but it is also managing the daily tasks in the kitchen such as managing the stocks, overseeing costs and overall profitability of the food and beverage section.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient Communication Between Staff: Orders are accurately communicated to kitchen staff through a ticketing system or KDU. Once they received the orders, the course of action between staff are properly communicated and ensures serving the orders without delays.
  • Eliminates Costly Mistakes: Kitchen Management System eliminates mistakes of preparing wrong orders which creates additional expenses for the business. No more hard-to-read handwritten and lost order tickets or print outs. Every detail of the orders is transmitted to the kitchen systematically and accurately.
  • Analyse Orders for Better Service: It has data that can be used in creating order analysis. This helps you to compare all the latest orders and how the staff completes the processes. It identifies areas that possibly need improvements like team productivity and kitchen and menu adjustments.
  • Enhance Operations: Streamline business operations from the kitchen to POS and back-office if necessary. Customers’ transactions are being transmitted upon placing customer orders from ordering tablet, to the kitchen and even to POS counters for accurate billing in order for the customer to check-out conveniently.
  • On-time food serving tool: Customer flocks during peak hours so serving their orders in a timely and organized manner is hard to manage many times. Kitchen management ensures the proper sequence of serving multiple and complex orders even during busy hours.