Easy management of Ingredients and Kitchen Inventory for Your

Synchronize ingredients with your inventory for proper and excellent management of your restaurant. With Seldesk Restaurant Inventory Management Software, whenever orders are made, the ingredients are automatically adjusted and inventory of ingredients is appropriately monitored in real-time.

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About Seldesk Restaurant Inventory Management Software on Cloud

Seldesk Restaurant Inventory Management System enables you to monitor your inventory and tells you which ingredients are needed for your next purchase and accurately informs you what’s left according to your recipe. Be notified about the ingredients that are about to expire and avoids mistakes like unintentional serving to the customers. Say complete NO to wasted and expired goods but YES to fresh and healthy items.


Key Features

  • Manage Inventory for Multiple Outlets: Data coming from multiple locations can be viewed and managed with a single database. Conveniently transfer other ingredients needed from one store to another if needed and no need to worry in adjusting it physically since it will be instantly adjusted in your database.
  • Production Planning : Through production planning, unexpected large orders are manageable hassle-free.
  • Recipe Management: Ensures that every recipe is being managed properly. It has the complete details of your recipes which can be shared by different outlets to maintain its constant taste, from the exact weights of every ingredient and meticulous cuts of vegetables and fruits.
  • Directly Connects to Seldesk POS Resto: Get real-time data on items sold as it is directly connected to Seldesk POS Resto. Instantly compare profitability by location and receive alerts if a location is under-performing. Also, get an accurate picture of stock on hand with real-time tracking of all items and never run out of stocks with stock level alerts.
  • Replace Count Sheets: Replace Count Sheets by taking stock directly on a mobile device, and automatically convert multiple units of measure. Using the inventory management module reduces admin costs and boosts productivity because you enter the data only once and can share reports and numbers with the Seldesk inventory management module. It also reduces keyboard slipups and transposition errors by eliminating data re-entry.


  • Employees will have enough time improving themselves in other important things such as customer service. Staff who are spending most of their time on the floor by accommodating customers forms a strong bond with customers and helps improve customer relationship.
  • Well-stocked restaurant helps staff boost their loyalty to their work and levels up their confidence in serving customers because they are assertive that they can provide whatever the customer wants.
  • No more worries about changing of chefs because the recipes are seamlessly linked with ingredients and inventory.
  • Automatic information whether you are running out of ingredients or you have more than enough to serve.
  • Eliminates food spoilage and excess in supplies which lessen overall food costs

Key Benefits

  • Streamlines Inventory Process : Eliminates manual process of inventory which saves time and increases productivity. It also reduces human mistakes which might cause work redundancy.
  • Real-time Updates of Ingredients : Once the order is placed and transmitted to the kitchen, the chef immediately prepares the dish and while collecting the ingredients, the level of its inventory are being updated in real-time.
  • Prevents Losses : Proper inventory management prevents losses and additional expenses. Sends you alerts and notifies you once the ingredients are about to expire and ready for replacement.
  • Boost Sales : Ensures all your food ingredients are fresh and new which makes your dishes taste good as what the customers are expecting and becomes the reason for them to come back to your restaurant again and repeat business with you.