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About Seldesk Restaurant Reporting and Analytics Software on Cloud

The Seldesk Restaurant Reporting and Analytics tool is capable of providing you the reports that indicate and analyse what are your best dishes and what your customers love. It helps you to improve or change your menus by knowing exactly the figures for how many times it was ordered by your customers. Know the dishes that are popular at a certain time for advance planning and food production.

Key Features

  • Table Reports: This report helps you to figure out which tables in your restaurant are always busy. In this way, you can also plan for your waiters’ schedules and positions on the floor.
  • Waiter Reports: Waiters know exactly what is really happening on the floor. They also know the best strategy for improving the process of serving customers. Advise your waiter to give their recommendations and suggestions through waiter reports.
  • End-of-day Reports: The end-of-day report indicates the clear breakdown of your whole day sales. It provides the sales for every user and data associated with your income. It also shows the tips gathered by the staff and the mode of payments your customers preferred for their transactions. Also, view a detailed report on how many bills were discounted, voided items and cancelled entries.
  • Staff Reports: Staff reports determine if every staff is doing well in their own position. You can track their shifts and attendance and organize their schedules based on the flow of your incoming customers. Identify those who need to be appreciated and who needs more motivation for improvement.
  • Mobile Reporting: Access your application and reports on your mobile device, one the go. The Seldesk Reporting and Analytics System is designed and developed to view and work on all screens and devices irrespective of the size and operating systems.
  • Real-time Mobile Alerts: Get notified of what’s happening in your store even when you’re away. It provides instant mobile access to see whether your store is doing great, by checking its net sales per hour, inventory level and even the working hours of your employees. You can also monitor if your tables are occupied constantly and if guests are receiving amazing customer service from your employees.
  • Advanced Reporting: Through Seldesk POS Restaurant Advanced Reporting feature, it is easy for you to visualize your target sales and service improvement. It helps you identify the trends and adjust your services and performance accordingly.
  • Compare Branches: View easily compare the performance of one branch with another if you own multiple stores. Analyse and understand what went wrong with one store when compared to the performance of another location.
  • Calendar Settings: Categorize your products by monitoring their everyday movements. Understand your expenditures using the monthly calendar and use it in setting your operational targets and forecasted sales. Email and easily export all reports to CSV format for easy access and sharing.


  • Serves customers efficiently and helps building better customer relationships.
  • Easy identification of what is needed and have full control of everything in your restaurant.
  • Empowers your staff and boosts their efficiency and productivity.
  • Assures that your data is safe and protected.
  • Alerts you with issues that need your immediate attention and updates you with details of daily transactions.

Key Benefits

  • Item Analysis : Analyse profit margins for menu items so that you can decide whether to continue with a particular menu item or to remove or replace it with another one.
  • Mobility and Accessibility : Reports can be easily access whenever and wherever you are. Always stay connected to your restaurant and analyse its data anytime you need it using any smart devices.
  • Insights for Decision-Making: Draw insights from the complete suite of POS reports including in-shift snapshots, comprehensive end-of-day summaries, and over 50 other detailed reports.
  • Increase Productivity: Monitors staff performance effectively to help make decisions about training and service quality improvements.
  • Improves Customer Service: Identify what are the wants and needs of your customers and improve the kind of service you provide to them.