Controlling complexity is the essence of our software

At seldesk, we wield the power of the human mind in our years of success. We are building software not from physical objects but from our mind! The things we build are digital, and because they’re digital. Our products can shape – and reshape! until you like. This provides a great sense of accomplishment and personal pride for us. In our company Programming is empowering.

During the 20 years we are invested in human capital for research and development also crafted complex solutions with unique combination of cutting-edge technology. Our technical expertise and team delivering unique software solutions which benefited the customers across the Globe for many years.

Seldesk has been a cloud brand from Zelenium Solutions Inc. a wide range of customized software solutions. Our team of specialists and innovators offers State-of-the-art solutions targeting complex technological challenges suitable for any industry with a new and inspiring approaches.

Our corporate values are an integral part of our culture. Our values of courage, trust, excellence and clarity can be seen in our every transaction’s.

History & Profile

Zelenium solutions Inc. is an American multinational technology company based in LA. California. The birth of Zelenium Group was started in the year 2000 in India. Same year the company expanded the business by setting up a largest software development company in Dubai, UAE. Later In the year 2016 the company setup second software development company in India. The company gradually expanded the business throughout the Middle East and Africa. As a part of Expansion of business across the globe the Zelenium solutions Inc moved our Global headquarters in LA, California, USA.

Now Zelenium solutions is a multinational business solutions provider with over 20 years of experience. The company started as a humble software development firm with the aim to help businesses with automation through enterprise applications. Having worked with various MNCs, we could easily identify the problems and challenges faced by companies, no matter what their size was. We developed a team of skilled professionals and started working on research and development. In 2002, the first application - Financial Accounting Software - was released and became an instant hit among business firms throughout region. Since then, there has been no looking back. Today, Zelenium Group is spread over 14 countries with over .7 Million clients - small, medium and big businesses depend on our applications. Also, the company started its largest cloud (SaaS) software portal called to reach the customers across the Globe.


To help businesses and entrepreneurs succeed and grow through automation and technology adoption.


To grow as the most innovative technology company in Enterprise Business Management through continual advancement.


We take pride in keeping transparency and integrity with everyone we are related to and excellence and creativity in everything we do.

Shared success:

Our greatest achievement and stability comes from cooperation as a team, with our employees, partners and customers. We appreciate each other’s inputs and ask for honest comments based on trust and respect for one another.

Advance Innovation:

We are progressive because we have enterprising thoughts, curious creativity, and we work in an environment where we can constantly learn and grow. We work with an approach to provide the best solution to our customers.

Be Venturous:

We confidently face our challenges and believe in our instincts. We are doing the right things, questioning norms and not afraid to speak our minds. We overcome fears, impose thoughtful actions and make firm decisions with conviction.