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A centralized HRM platform
for a unified employee experience.

With Seldesk HRM, you can deliver exceptional experiences to your employees while handling the entire employee life cycle on a single and smart integrated platform. The all-inclusive Personal Information Management solution can process all your employee data from their contact number, deep down to their medical details.

From building great workforce to delivering exceptional digital workspace, we cover them all with your Seldesk HRM solution. Develop end-to-end personnel management system which is simple, smart and effective..

Functions of a Personal Information System – What it does for you?

From tracking your sensitive employee data to getting complete control over the data flow, PIM system in the Seldesk HRM can practically run any data or report for you. Complex tasks like day to day employee administration, document management, personnel history, recruitment management, employee transfer, contract management, task monitoring and efficiency in controls can be managed with ease.

Your employees deserve the best experiences at work. Seldesk HRM ensures a smooth HR service experience with its efficient self-service options.




Features of Human Resource Management System (HRM)

Bulk Update

Bulk update allows to you update employee information's such as work station, location, title, departments, supervisor contacts, etc through a simple import of spreadsheet and ensuring changes all across the database. From department level changes to single employee information update can be done at ease by importing the master file and ensuring auto-changes.

Centralized Database

Store and track all your employees record real-time from our cloud-based secured centralized database. Gain complete control of all your important data and records under one place and further personalize them as needed. You now have access to this information anytime and anywhere, through our simple web-based login application.

Talent Management Solution

MOvercome the key challenge of attracting and retaining vital talents which is a major consideration to most organizations. The talent management solution within Seldesk HRM promotes employee engagement through a workflow focused on guiding them to have keen understanding of the business objectives.

Document Management

Store all your documents in digital format and easily process them whenever needed. Seldesk HRM allows uploading, attaching, downloading and sharing of documents through a single click in the employee self-service portal, which makes it simple, smart and fast.

Synchronized Data

Keep updated records of your data. Seldesk HRM synchronizes all your data and ensures its ease on access as needed. Once you input certain data, the system will automatically communicate with all other modules to update records at a go.

Online Payment

Seldesk Hrms can be integrated with most of the payment gateways which will provide you a hassle-free environment for collecting online payments from your end customers.

Employee Performance

360-degree performance Management module


Track real-time attendance data of employees

Self Service

Self-Service System is a comprehensive portal

Settlement Management

Designed to assist employees for settlement


Msanage the leave application process of employees


step by process of the critical joining period


Integrate payroll processes and manage them efficiently


Optimize Recruitment Process & Get the best Talent


Optimize Recruitment Process & Get the best Talent


Ambitious, Motivated and productive employees develop


360 degrees view of employee training programs

  • Cost-saving: Cost saving since it reduces the consumption of papers and other office related stationaries. Everything now moves online and there are no requirements of hard file storage.
  • Promotes teamwork: Enhances collaboration within the organization in a single location or at multi-locations.
  • Automated reminders: Automatic alerts and reports which lets your employees be updated and reduce compliance adversity.
hrms cloud software
  • Instant notifications: Easily notify, announce or distribute organizational policies, procedures and other related materials online and at the go.
  • Boost employee trust and transparency: Self update of personal information or related benefits, which shows transparency and boost the morale of your workforce.
  • Engages employees: Encourages and motivates workforce to become active and engage to attain companies' vision and practice them.