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Spa and Saloon software is a Comprehensive Software System that offers automation of complete scheduler operations.

SELDESK salon and spa management program  is made to simplify your operations, improve customer satisfaction, and boost revenue. The need to deliver great customer service and run efficient operations is  important for spa and salon businesses in today's fast-paced environment. Our software satisfies the specific requirements of your spa or salon.

SELDESK is a Comprehensive SPA and Saloon Management Software System that offers automation of complete SPA operations. It is suitable to any small, medium or large salon and spa to streamline their operational processes such as guest bookings and schedules.


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Supports Multiple Staff Shifts.Supports Sales by cash or Credit cards, multiple currency, credit Sales Billing. Supports online Reservations (additional option).Easily Whole bill discount minus by percentage or an Amount, service discount. Supports Special Rates for services. Prints reports showing Z Report, Day end, Shift wise, daily sales, monthly sales, yearly sales, sales per cashier, sales per terminal, tables per server etc. Complete TAX CODES (VAT) taxation feature for countries where taxation is required.

Back-Office Integration

The software Fully Integrated with SELDESK Back-Office Purchases Stock and Accounting ERP software for Detailed Stock and Financial Accounting.

Online Reservations and Scheduling

Our Web based online reservation and scheduling (Additional Option) is built with latest web technology. The Reservations and Scheduling in the web has never been easier is integrated with SMS and Emails for appoitment confirmation.

Multi-language support

Billing and receipts modules of SELDESK are available in Arabic Language. We also customize the package for any preferred language as needed.

Proper scheduling of appointment:

A comprehensive and user-friendly appointment scheduling system is provided by SELDESK software, Seldesk Salus. This program makes it simple to handle reservations and assign staff members and stay away from clashing schedules. Customers can make appointments online using the software's user-friendly interface, saving time from manual and phone-based scheduling.

Client Management: Customer relationship management tools are included in SELDESK spa and salon software to enable you store comprehensive client profiles. It enables you to manage their history of services and purchases and learn about their preferences. This enables you to maintain organization and offer customized services.

Reporting and Analytics: The reporting and analytics capabilities available in SELDESK salon and spa software offer insightful information about your company. performance. It enables you to keep tabs on things like revenue, sales trends, client retention, and employee productivity.


All in one - Manage your business with ease!

Spa scheduler feature makes everything easy from booking services or packages, respond to guest questions and queries, find available rooms and allocate it to the guest immediately.

Hair Salons

Transform your single owner operated hairdresser to a multi-stylist salon with SELDESK. A salon software that can handle large scale operation with booking, scheduling and billing services.

Beauty Salons

SELDESK tools and features are specifically designed for beauty center to provide them an advance appointment and scheduling system.


SELDESK is capable to manage a simple spa up to a full fledge health and relaxation spa with a simple to use platform and powerful software with add-on features.

Massage Centers

With an increasingly importance and demands of massage therapy in every health and wellness centers, instant notifications are activated in SELDESK to remind customers about their schedules and appointments.

Health Clinics

SELDESK health and clinic software takes care of the entire billing and booking process of any weight loss clinic to acupuncture or chiropractic clinic.

Gyms and Trainers

The SELDESK software for Billing and booking will take care of whether you're an single or multi-location fitness or gym

What Makes Seldesk Different and How you are benefited..?

Powerful integration

SELDESK seamlessly integrates with the latest hardware, including dual screens for display, user access cards, mobile sales, and more. This integration enhances your operational capabilities and improves the overall customer experience.


With SELDESK's centralized server-based database, you can efficiently manage multiple branches. Get an overview of each branch's performance and analyze your company's overall progress. This feature allows you to make informed decisions and optimize your business operations.

Robust technology

SELDESK is built on a robust technology foundation, utilizing web-based/Windows .Net/MSSQL client-server platforms. This ensures excellent performance, even with large volumes of data. You can rely on SELDESK to deliver speed, quality, and reliability.


SELDESK requires minimal keystrokes and eliminates the need for a mouse, streamlining the sales process and reducing errors. The intuitive design ensures efficient and hassle-free operation.

Automatic Pricing-Manager

Easily adjust prices and discounts across products with SELDESK's Pricing Manager feature. Whether you need to update prices for specific items or apply discounts across the board, this tool makes pricing management efficient.


With SELDESK, you can handle a wide range of transaction scenarios, including discounts, taxes, returns, credits, and sale specials, all in a single transaction. This flexibility simplifies the sales process and enhances customer satisfaction.


Supports cross-platforms such as Windows Mobile, Android Tab and IPAD and in any standard web browsers. An application with True Responsive Design.


SELDESK is a powerhouse software for viewing real time sales status from any mobile devices (iPad, iPhone, Tabs, android etc.) from anywhere in the world.


Seldesk fully controls user access permission from features such as credit, void, cancel, price change, discounts, day end closing and reports. This secure protection of your business from unauthorized transactions.The user Levels are configured as follows: Cashier / Chief Cashier / Supervisor / Manager / Programmer

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