We can lend a hand

Accelerate your business growth and improve the flow of your revenue by referring our software to your contacts and affiliates. You can sell SELDESK top-notch software by joining SELDESK reseller program and become SELDESK partner. Let’s work together to have a long and lasting relationship with companies we interacted once. We will help you achieve your aspirations.

Alpha Byte Reseller Program

Reseller Partner Programs

Welcome to the Seldesk partner program, We are honored to extend this invitation to you as we embark on a journey of creativity, teamwork, and mutual growth in the exciting field of software development. As an innovative organization committed to breaking down barriers, we believe that partnerships are the key to advancement.Together we can design a future where technology changes industries and creates a better world.

Technical Support

We offer pre-sales and post-sales support to SELDESK vendors.

SELDESK tasks include:

  • We provide configuration template to SELDESK resellers to make them capable in delivering the right solution to their customers according to their needs.
  • We offer technical support through phone and web.
  • We provide tools for development in order for them to create their own add-ons focused and specialized in their customer’s industry.
  • We arrange remote assistance for important procedures such as implementation, testing or migration phases. On-site support is available too if needed.
Technical Support

Partner with SELDESK

As a partner with us, Share this opportunity with your friends, customers, associates and community of business people, we will be very grateful for spreading the word about us. In return, we will lead you to be prominent in your own field of business. We promise, Together, we will never stop growing and rising!! Enquire Now

Why Partner With Us?

The following are just a few advantages of partnering with us that will help you succeed:

  • In order to develop a shared vision of technological excellence and advancement, we link SELDESK objectives with yours.
  • Obtain the services of a group of experienced software developers with a track record in various technologies.
  • Utilize SELDESK agile methodology to develop custom software solutions that deal with particular company possibilities and difficulties.

Partner Programs:

  • Strategic Partnership: Align goals and tactics to create a productive cooperation that produces significant results.
  • Education: Through SELDESK training and certification programs, empower your staff and give them the tools they need to succeed.
  • Dedicated Assistance: Enjoy individualized help at each level of SELDESK partnership journey to ensure a smooth working relationship.
Technical Support

Discounts and Training

SELDESK main goal is to simplify the complexity, continuous innovation and lead the competition. We provide offer resellers discounts for quick expansion of your business and achieve your desired profit. Attracts customers and close the deals with SELDESK extensive training programs that can also give you the edge of competition.