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Keep track of every unit from your stock, sell more, work smarter and grow faster with SELDESK Stock Taking Control Management Software.

Run a more efficient and automate the complete order management process with end-to-end tracking, multiple shipping integration, warehouse management, Accounting and CRM integration along with increased sales figures.


Key Features

Seldesk Stock/Inventory counting Solution For Growing Business

  • A Single Integrated System for all your operational needs that effectively covers areas like Purchasing, Inventory, Shop Floor Operations, Sales, Financial and much more.
  • Import large number of inventories from any spreadsheet through a simple template and track them by Locations, Warehouse and also allows manually adjusting stock levels.
  • Auto display of item descriptions and prices to avoid any typos and keep consistency of Quotations and Invoices. Easily upload or download attached documents anytime as per the business needs.
  • Pre-filled and pre-defined components that automates and streamlines all inventory related operations within your organization. Avoid overstock or lose on sales by creating perfect balance in your inventory.
  • Get real-time and accurate data and reports which help in taking strategic decisions like replenishing your products or to decide the selling prices.
  • Improve forecasts, reduce warehouse costs and ensure faster delivery with the Serial Traceability Function to increase your customer satisfaction level.



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Efficiency in warehouse management includes both cost optimization and operational speed. Traditional stock taking techniques, which rely on manual labor and paper records, might result in higher costs because of errors, inefficiencies, and labor-intensive procedures. A strong incentive for businesses to embrace this technology-driven strategy is the integration of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and barcoding with stock taking software, which provides a paradigm change in cost efficiency.

In Supply Chain

By providing real-time visibility into product movement and location, the integration RFID and barcoding with supply chain management software improves this transparency. Stakeholders may follow things using these technologies from production to delivery at every point of the journey. Businesses may create a responsible and traceable supply chain ecosystem using RFID and barcoding, which will increase confidence among partners and customers. As a result, there is a more efficient flow of information throughout the supply chain, fewer risks, and better decision-making.

Customer Service

Businesses can provide clients with exact information about the status of their orders and anticipated delivery periods by enabling accurate real-time tracking of products. This transparency develops trust and increases satisfaction among customers.Additionally, the increased efficiency in order processing and reduced errors through these technologies ensures timely and accurate order fulfillment, further elevating the overall customer experience.

Increased Efficiency

The efficiency of a warehouse can be greatly increased by combining Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and barcoding with stock taking software.Agile order processing, just-in-time inventory management, and less operational downtimes are all results of this efficiency. With the help of RFID and barcoding, warehouse workers can concentrate on important activities while being equipped with precise information to make quick decisions, thereby improving the warehouse's overall operating efficiency.


By providing accurate and real-time data on inventory levels, product movement, and demand fluctuation, these technologies enhance forecasting and demand planning. Because of their increased information, businesses are better able to meet client requests, optimize production schedules, and cut back on surplus inventory. In the end, barcoding and RFID help to streamline planning procedures that increase operational effectiveness and reduce costs.

Data and Reports

Accurate data collection and reporting are ensured by the integration of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and barcoding technologies. Businesses are able to rely on accurate inventory counts and movement data by automating the tracking of things in real time. This precise data translates into thorough reports that provide insights for strategic decision-making, ultimately optimizing supply chain management and warehouse operations.

    Benefits of RFID and Barcoding Integration

    Modern stock taking software goes beyond simple counting. It includes real-time data collection, analytics, and reporting functions to offer thorough insights into inventory levels and movement.

  • RFID and barcoding significantly reduce human errors. The use of technology provides accurate counting without misinterpretation or oversight.
  • Traditional stock taking techniques takes a lot of time.Through quick scanning and data capture, which is made possible by RFID and barcoding, this time is drastically reduced, improving operational effectiveness.
  • RFID and barcoding provide instant updates, which allows managers to make informed decisions in real-time.
  • Audits are made easier with automated data collecting. Accurate, comprehensive records make compliance easier and make the auditing process simpler.
  • Automation reduces the need for manual stock taking, which also reduces operational downtime and facilitates continuous workflow.
  • A significant advancement in warehouse management has been made with the incorporation of RFID and barcoding with stock taking software.


Implementation of RFID and Barcoding includes several steps:

  • Infrastructure setup: The appropriate hardware and software infrastructure must be purchased in order to implement RFID and barcoding. This comprises antennas, barcode scanners, RFID readers, and related software programs.
  • Item Tagging: RFID requires the tagging of objects, which can be done using active or passive RFID tags. Barcoding entails designing and printing labels with barcodes for merchandise. For precise monitoring, each tag or label needs to have a unique identity.
  • Integration with the Warehouse Management System : To enable seamless data capture, storage, and retrieval, the RFID and barcoding systems must be integrated with the warehouse management software.
  • Training and Transition: In order to use the new technology well, warehouse staff has to receive proper training. A transition strategy should be in place to implement the new system gradually and with the fewest possible interruptions.

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Result-driven Stock / Inventory counting Management Software

Seldesk Inventory Management software for growing business is designed to solve challenges across the entire inventory management operations. It does not only helps your company grow by streamlining and improving the inventory management with reduced costs but also helps in faster delivery that results in great customer satisfaction.

Effective warehouse management is built on accurate stock taking or stock counting. Traditional manual counting techniques take a lot of time and are prone to errors, which frequently result in disparities and inefficiency. However, the combination of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, barcoding, and advanced warehouse management software has made stock taking a seamless and accurate operation