Assets Inventory management software

Monitor the full lifecycle of your fixed assets and control your investment.

Utilize your fixed assets and manage its depreciation and disposal with our cloud Asset Management Software.

Seldesk Asset Management is a well-blended system suitable for any organization in controlling and monitoring the lifespan of their fixed assets and maximize its usage. A cloud asset management software with a combination of accounting and inventory functions that helps monitors the depreciation and disposal of fixed assets properly.


Key Features

  • Works on any smart devices which suitable for companies with multiple locations.
  • Integrated with other module such as accounting and inventory.
  • Provides detailed data of each assets such as their location, usage and any significant changes made to them.
  • Centralized database to share all reports and information.
  • Allows modification if necessary based on your exact requirements.
  • Automated search and track feature with real-time data to manage assets from different locations.
  • Compliance to necessary assessment of assets to maintain credibility of operations.
  • Automated reminders and notifications that actively keep you updated with what’s going on with every asset.

Key Benefits

  • Saves company’s money and time: Properly monitors the lifecycle of each asset including its maintenance. It avoids over maintenance that brings too much dent on company’s profit and under-maintenance to prevent non-productivity.
  • Effective operation of assets: Seldesk Asset Management helps you identify and understand the capabilities of each and every assets you have. This will let you operates your asset in the most effective manner.
  • Proper risk management:Assess and identify risks involved in each assets. It helps companies in deriving effective solution to avoid it and don’t let it happen..
  • Accurate inventory: Lost or stolen assets are unavoidable sometimes. Seldesk Asset Management eliminates these things in the record to have an accurate inventory. It also assures sold or scrapped assets are being updated in the database.
  • Improve productivity:Seldesk Asset Management manage your assets in an appropriate way. It optimizes the operations and enhances its productivity through proper planning, resources and implementation.
  • Improve Compliance: There are instances that detailed reports about assets are being required for auditing and compliance purposes. Seldesk let you generates comprehensive reports based on whatever requirements you have.