Sell your products, monitor its movement and manage your retail store smoothly.

Give your customers an exceptional experience whenever they buy your products or avail your services by using Seldesk Cloud POS for retails. Amaze them by closing their bills faster than before and make them your brand advocate through excellent customer service.

Seldesk Point of Sale Software for Retails on Cloud is a comprehensive POS perfectly fit for retail stores. It helps retail stores to make every transactions of their customers easy and hassle-free. It automates every single retail processes and improves the store operations..


Key Features

  • This application allows customization to meet the exact needs of your business.
  • It can be integrated with your inventory module to make sure that your most favourite products are always full stock.
  • It can monitor every user’s activities through its time clock functionality to avoid unauthorized transactions.
  • It has a user access control to limit and ensure the security of data access for each users.
  • For financial accounting and to eliminate double entries of data, it allows back office integration and produces accurate sales reports.
  • Loyalty and points programs can be also added to every customer’s transactions. It also allows discounts and promotions which is a great way to retain your customers.
  • Accepts any mode of payment such as cash, cards, or digital payment which is a trend nowadays.

Take advantage of the following benefits in using POS Retail Software on Cloud

  • Ease of use: There’s no need for an intensive training since the application is flexible and user-friendly.
  • Cost-efficient:No need to worry with huge start-up cost just to have this application. All you need to do is subscribe to it based on your usage requirements.
  • Exceptional customer service:Fast processing of customer’s bills and transactions make them comeback to your store not only because of your products but because of your service as well.
  • Profit growth:Smooth store operations, detailed and accurate data helps the owner come up with an effective decisions for his store become more profitable.
  • Manage vast transactions:Seldesk POS manages vast customer transactions day by day. It monitors your sales both cash or credit card transactions and provides an accurate sales report at the end of the day.
  • Accessibility: Since it works on cloud, it can be accessed through any smart devices anytime and anywhere.
  • Real-time data: Be always updated by having real-time data about the status of your sales and stocks.
  • Accuracy:Provide accurate bills to your customers to make them satisfied in your service. It also has accurate reports of your sales to help improve your sales performance.
  • Saves time:Save significant time of your staff by automating store processes and improve store operations. Eliminates manual processes by giving your staff the right tool to complete their tasks fast and easy.
  • Improved inventory management:Seldesk POS helps retail owners to have a better inventory. It monitors and manage every stocks and provides accurate details such as sales per item.