Process Your Table Orders Easily
Quickly and Amaze Your Customers!

Let your customers view your diverse and rich menu and make them feel excited in ordering by themselves on their respective tables. Use a touch-enabled tablet to present your menus to your customers with high-quality and eye-catching photos. Attract them and stimulate their appetite by using a colorful and digital menu interface. Let their dining experience be tech-friendly and keep them as your brand advocates

Seldesk Restaurant Table Management is a module of SelDesk RESTO, the complete and popular POS software for restaurants. This application allows you to design the restaurant floor plan, take table orders, move customers freely, and easily manage multiple sections of the restaurant. Also, customize your table layouts for busy events and seasons quickly and easily.


Key Features

  • E-menu which helps illustrate detailed and descriptive menus to your customers. It gives them a clear idea about the foods you offer and let them place their order comfortably using tablets and mobile devices.
  • Centralized data which identify trends that can be used for restaurant and customer service improvement. It allows customers to do table agent reviews that helps you to track and improve performances.
  • Allows your guests to do a prior reservation on their own before heading to your restaurant without extra cost. Seldesk Table Management System promptly informs the staff about reservation and it helps them plan the dining arrangement for all the customers, be it a large or small group. It helps them to accommodate both customers with or without reservation in a systematic way.
  • Plan your staff’s shifts as needed during busy hours and according to your floor plan. Track and assign tasks per section and tables and stay organized and professional.
  • Manages wait list and notifies the customer when the table for them is ready through messages to reduce customer long queues, walk-away and no-shows.
  • It allows you to customize the floor plan and table map as per the exact design of your restaurant. Modify it for practicality purposes to make it more useful for your business growth.
  • A tool for restaurants which makes turn table faster and enables proper handling of guest’s waiting list and reduce order mistakes.
  • Instant processing of orders to the kitchen which makes the food preparation fast and accurate.


  • Order placing, tracking, and processing become easy and simple for both the customer, waiters, and kitchen staff.
  • Amazes your customers by a beautiful and impressive layout. Maintain your restaurant tables be on track and know the status of ongoing services in real-time which improves the flow of your front house.
  • Empowers the restaurant to operate smarter, fill more tables and accommodates flocks of customers.
  • Increase your efficiency and profit, prevent reservation mistakes, and stay organized all the time. It also improves your restaurant management and enhances the customer’s reservation process.
  • Promotes effective communication not only between your staff but most importantly between your staff and the customers.
  • Ensures improvement in your guests’ experience and guarantees that all your guests will be seated quickly.
  • Saves staff-time: Planning staff tasks and schedules properly significantly save their time and makes their job more enjoyable.
  • Cost-efficient: Eliminates additional or unexpected expenses for the restaurant since overall operations are being managed properly and smoothly.
  • Keeps customer details: While customers are placing the order from their table itself, their personal details and food preferences are automatically recorded in your Seldesk database. Keeping their details can help you in providing them positive dining experience on their future visits.
  • : Increase in revenue: Speeds up table turn over that guarantees an increase in revenue.
  • Exceptional customer experience: Retain your customers and don’t let them feel any hesitation in leaving instant feedback about your good customer service.
  • Smooth ordering process: Seldesk Restaurant Table Management eliminates possible mistakes during taking orders and processing it. It passes accurate food orders to the kitchen staff and helps waiters to serve it to the customers ontime.