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SELDESK POS is a comprehensive and widely-used POS software designed specifically for restaurants. With this powerful application, you can optimize various aspects of your restaurant operations to enhance efficiency and provide an exceptional dining experience.

SELDESK POS system, Seldesk RESTO, is a reliable and prominent POS system made exclusively for the restaurant business. SELDESK POS software includes a number of other requirements, including as order processing, staff scheduling, and inventory management, in addition to handling transactions along with customer relationship management.


Easy and streamlined order placing, tracking, and processing:

Easy and streamlined order placing, tracking, and processing: Seldesk simplifies the order management process for both customers, waiters, and kitchen staff, making it easy to place, track, and process orders efficiently.

Impressive layout and real-time status tracking:

The system provides a beautiful and impressive layout that enhances the overall dining experience. It allows the restaurant to maintain tables on track and provides real-time status updates on ongoing services, improving the flow of the front house.

Increased operational efficiency and customer satisfaction:

Seldesk empowers the restaurant to operate smarter, accommodate more customers, and fill more tables. This increase in efficiency leads to higher profits and prevents reservation mistakes, keeping the restaurant organized and improving the overall customer reservation process.

We’re Better. Here’s Why…

Saves staff-time

Planning staff tasks and schedules properly significantly save their time and makes their job more enjoyable.


Eliminates additional or unexpected expenses for the restaurant since overall operations are being managed properly and smoothly.

Customer Relationship Management

A restaurant POS system can store customer data like contact information, dining preferences, and order history. This data helps you provide quality services.

Smooth ordering process

Seldesk Restaurant Table Management eliminates possible mistakes during taking orders and processing it. It passes accurate food orders to the kitchen staff and helps waiters to serve it to the customers ontime.

Exceptional customer experience

Retain your customers and don’t let them feel any hesitation in leaving instant feedback about your good customer service.

Inventory Management

A modern POS system helps you track ingredients. Alerts you about the stock levels so that you can restock at the correct time. Thereby, you can reduce the cost and avoid waste.


Application provides for customisation to precisely fit your business's demands.

Application provides for customisation to precisely fit your business's demands. Seldesk POS allows you to design the restaurant floor plan, take table orders, move customers freely, and easily manage multiple sections of the restaurant.

Allows your guests to do a prior reservation on their own before heading to your restaurant without extra cost. Seldesk Table Management System promptly informs the staff about reservation and it helps them plan the dining arrangement for all the customers, be it a large or small group.

It helps them to accommodate both customers with or without reservation in a systematic way. A tool for restaurants which makes turn table faster and enables proper handling of guest’s waiting list and reduce order mistakes.

Key Features
E-menu for Enhanced Ordering Experience:

Provide your customers with a detailed and visually appealing electronic menu. Through tablets and mobile devices, customers can comfortably browse through your food offerings, gaining a clear idea of what your restaurant has to offer. This user-friendly interface allows them to place their orders conveniently, improving the overall dining experience.

Centralized Data and Customer Reviews:

Gain valuable insights by centralizing data from your table management system. Identify trends and patterns that can be utilized to enhance your restaurant operations and customer service. Enable customers to provide feedback and reviews through table agents, which helps you track performance and make necessary improvements.

Easy Reservation Management:

Allow guests to make reservations in advance, eliminating the need for additional costs or third-party platforms. Seldesk Table Management System promptly notifies your staff about reservations, enabling them to plan the dining arrangements efficiently for both large and small groups. The system helps accommodate customers with and without reservations in a systematic and organized manner.

Efficient Staff Scheduling and Task Assignment:

Plan your staff's shifts effectively based on the busy hours and your floor plan. Track and assign tasks per section and tables, ensuring a well-organized and professional environment. Streamline your operations by optimizing staff allocation according to your restaurant's needs.


More productivity with less effort

Waitlist Management and Notifications:

Manage waitlists efficiently and reduce customer queues, walk-aways, and no-shows. The system notifies customers when their table is ready through messages, ensuring a seamless and engaging experience.

Customizable Floor Plan:

Tailor the floor plan and table map to align with the unique design of your restaurant. Modify it as needed for practical purposes and to support your business growth. Create a layout that maximizes efficiency and enhances the overall dining experience.

Faster Table Turnover and Order Accuracy:

With Seldesk Restaurant Table Management, tables can be turned faster, optimizing your restaurant's capacity. The system ensures proper handling of guest waiting lists and minimizes order mistakes. Orders are instantly processed and sent to the kitchen, facilitating fast and accurate food preparation.

Manage Everything in One Place

Advanced Control and Privacy

Effective Payment Processing: With SELDESK advanced payment processing you can offer a hassle-free payment experience for customers using SELDESK advanced payment processing capabilities. A mobile wallet, credit or debit cards, cash, and other payment methods are all integrated into SELDESK restaurant's point-of-sale system. You can lower errors and give your customers a quick and simple checkout experience by using an innovative restaurant POS system. Before filing, returns are approved and error-free. Data are saved in a database under strict security and highly safeguarded.


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