The restaurant business is thriving in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which has a varied dining scene that appeals to both residents and tourists. Restaurant owners and managers must employ cutting-edge technologies to boost productivity and enhance the customer experience if they want to succeed in this cutthroat industry. A restaurant POS (Point of Sale) system is a crucial instrument for accomplishing this.

Seldesk Restaurant POS system In UAE, Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah is a complete hardware and software solution that assists restaurants in managing all facets of their business. It is more than just a cash register. SELDESK restaurant POS system, Seldesk Resto, was created specifically for the restaurant business and helps in managing the entire restaurant. It performs a wide range of duties, including processing orders and payments, managing inventories, and creating reports.


Benefits of SELDESK Restaurant POS System UAE

Efficient Order Management: OSELDESKur restaurant POS simplifies order management process. Direct order entry by servers into the system reduces the possibility of mistakes and guarantees that orders are delivered to the kitchen on time. This quickness and precision lead to quicker service, happier customers, and more table turnover.

Inventory Management: With the help of SELDESK restaurant POS System you can order products more effectively and reduce food waste by keeping track of inventory levels in real-time.

Multi-Language Support: SELDESK POS System supports various languages. This functionality ensures that your team may use the system in their preffered language, improving communication and effectiveness.

Table Management: Effective table management is required to increase seating capacity. By monitoring table availability, reservation status, and seating preferences, restaurant seating can be optimized.

VAT Compatible: SELDESK restaurant POS is fully VAT compatible with financial accounting and stock management.

Payment Processing: Ensures a simple and safe payment experience by supporting a variety of payment options, including cash, credit or debit cards, mobile payments, and digital wallets.

Security: Strong security features are provided by SELDESK POS System to safeguard client payment information.


E Waiter software

The traditional paper waiter pads are now out of date. E Waiter application works on tablet or iPad. Through the three stages of order processing—order taken, order delivered, and order paid—waiters will be able to keep an eye on every table in the restaurant with the help of this application. Every moment, the waiter will have a list of each item that are accessible for ordering. With a few clicks, waiters can quickly accept customer orders and dispatch them to the kitchen. The kitchen section has a tablet of its own that they may use to examine and print customer orders for quick and efficient preparation. The waiter is informed and the chef can then label orders as ready for collection.

E Menu Management Software: Customers may view and browse your whole menu with the E Menu tablet. Customers can make their selections from the menu and put their orders right there on the tablet. Orders are automatically forwarded to the kitchen once they are placed. Customers can conveniently place orders through this method without a waiter's assistance.

Analytics and Reporting: SELDESK POS System offers insightful data through analytics and reporting tools. You can improve your menu offerings and marketing strategies by using data-driven decisions based on sales data, consumer preferences, and peak hours.